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Lynsey De Paul was a popular blonde female singer back in the seventies. A ghost is the spirit of a dead person, or sometimes an animal, and sometimes manifests looking very much as they did in life, and is usually encountered in places the person spent a lot of time while they were corporeal. Family legend surrounds the Everett family as a result of the curious story of the Everett Ghost.

The St. Augustine Lighthouse is another area where several ghosts have been spotted in ghost pictures, and even ghost videos. Spirits are the energies of deceased loved ones and friends who have died and gone into the Light. The soul of person who has been a spectator of brutal death or death due to some unsettled affairs or unacceptable rituals of funeral is predisposed to alter into a ghost.

A Swiss reformed Pastor Ludwig Lavater has focused about this act in his book entitled Ghosts and Spirits Walking by Night. While the spookier ghost stories might be too frightening for younger children, ghost stories or photo chronicles suspenseful stories are a great way to share this time honored Halloween tradition with children.

Hollywood producers of creepy films love to target the weird and wonderful prospect of ghosts in order to make a film that draws people to see it. No matter how the shackles are raised on one's arms or neck or how the skin crawls with the horror of it they are always on a winner.

The Mexican culture is also not unharmed by the stories of ghosts. There were times during the seasonal calendar when the veil between the human world and the spirit world was more porous and allowed for the passing through of spirits, including ghosts. Pliny Younger also describes about a haunted house in Athens where a chained ghost shrieks in pain.

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